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Why Cell Culture Automation Is the Watershed Moment for the Lab

Webinar - March 25th, 10:30 am PST

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Celltrio, Inc. is a Leading Manufacturer of Lab Automation Solutions for The Life Sciences Industry.
Celltrio takes a modular approach to quickly integrate its proven standard task modules into optimized solutions for customers. Modularity optimizes cost and schedule, minimizes footprint, and allows customers to easily scale for their future growth.

Cell Line Automation Platform

Celltrio quickly configures its standard task modules into an automation solution that best fits the customer’s automation needs. The solutions scale from automating specific tasks to fully automating cell culturing, harvesting, and cryogenic storage in one end-to-end system.

Biobanking Solutions

Biobanking solutions from Celltrio start with manual cryogenic storage freezers but expand to the fully automated cryogenic RoboStor™. Both manual and automated freezers include Celltrio’s powerful Skyview C3® platform which includes inventory management software and a RESTful API for interfacing to LIMS or other 3rd party software systems.


We are experts in bringing industrial-quality automation to Life Sciences. Email us to start a discussion. 


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