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Fastest Path To Optimized Cell Line Automation Solutions

Celltrio has a proven family of cell culturing task modules that can be automated by adding a Celltrio robot or combined into a complete solution to fully automate your cell culturing process. 


Reduces contamination from laboratory workers and provides automatic cleaning routines and easy disassembly for auto-clave or wipe down

24/7 Operations

Scientists and technicians are freed to work on research, analysis, and process design


True multi-tasking significantly increases throughput and capacity while eliminating human errors that can add weeks or months to the discovery process.

Stability & Consistency

Robust, industrial-grade components combined with powerful scheduling software ensures accurate and consistent timing for processing steps that varies with human operators.

Celltrio Standard Cell Line Automation Solutions

Standard Automated Cell Line Solutions begin with cell culturing, passaging and imaging solutions and expand to full harvesting and cryogenic storage solutions. These solutions provide a standard layout and footprint that have been optimized for general protocol from a variety of customers. Celltrio's Systems Engineers are ready to assist if your requirements demand additional components or further optimization for capacity, throughput, or footprint.

Automated Cell Culturing Systems

Task Modules

Integrable or
stand-alone task modules


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