The Celltrio manual (MC) and Robotic (RoboStor) lines of liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryo-freezers provide proven cryogenic -195 °C storage solutions that are perfect for R&D and volume biobanking applications. All are easily expandable to multi-freezer configurations under Celltrio Skyview C3 software control. Our cryo-freezers are available from 9K to 117K vial capacity, manual, and robotically automated. Celltrio also provides a full line of dry shippers and peripherals needed for biobanking solutions.

Celltrio RoboStor Series

Robotic Cryo-Freezers & Software

✓ Safety: Automatic store and retrieve minimizes possible loss of samples. The system efficiently limits the exposure of the sample to room temperature.

✓ Management and Security: User-defined access levels restrict access of stored samples to authorized users.

Celltrio MC Series

Manual Cryo-Freezers & Software

✓ Available from 9,000 to 119,000 vial capacity
✓ Ergonomic design for ease-of-use and easy maintenance

Celltrio Dry Shipper

Dry Shipping Containers

✓ Light and durable aluminum: low-cost transportation

✓ LN2 absorbent material: Safe to ship on airplanes
✓ High operating efficiency: Vacuum insulating provides a significant reduction in LN2 supply needs.

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