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Celltrio’s Life Sciences LN₂ Storage, Data
Management, and Cold Chain Solutions

Celltrio manufactures a complete line of high-quality, secure robotic cryogenic freezers, manual cryogenic freezers, dewars, and shippers for the life sciences, health care, and animal husbandry markets.

Celltrio’s Skyview C3® software has built-in security procedures, a powerful inventory management system (IMS), and a three-tier audit trail to securely and precisely manage your valuable samples including blood samples.

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Automated Sample Storage >

The Celltrio RoboStor™ provides automated cryogenic storage and retrieval for sample storage and management. RoboStor™ is designed for research & development, biobanking, and cell culture applications.

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Data Management Platform >

Celltrio Software enables rapid integration featuring powerful controls with SkyView C3® software platform including an intuitive interface, user-friendly scheduler, audit trails, and error recovery. SkyView C3® provides a powerful inventory management tool for RoboStor™.

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