Fastest Path to Optimized Cell Line Automation with the RoboCell™ Platform

Automated Cell Line Solutions begin with cell culturing, passaging, and imaging tasks and expand to full harvesting and cryogenic storage in one fully automated end-to-end system. The RoboCell™ Platform provides a standard layout and footprint that is optimized for protocols from a variety of customers. Celltrio’s Systems Engineers are ready to assist if your requirements demand additional components or further optimization for capacity, throughput, or footprint.


Automating protocols and processes in a BSL-2 enclosure means human operators do not have to interact with cells, reagents, and lab equipment.

Digital Records

Automatic data logging, data import/export, traceability and reporting.


Automated decontamination cycles and easy access for cleaning

Electronic signature management

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Security & Access Control

Only authorized personnel can access the system

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RoboCell™ introduces a standard platform for automating cell line development from biobanking, cell culturing, cell harvesting, to assay testing.

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Task Modules >

Task Modules can be mixed and matched to create a seamlessly integrated solution.

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