Fastest Path to Optimized Cell Line Automation with the RoboCell™ Platform

Automated Cell Line Solutions begin with cell culturing, passaging, and imaging tasks and expand to full harvesting and cryogenic storage in one fully automated end-to-end system. The RoboCell™ Platform provides a standard layout and footprint that is optimized for protocols from a variety of customers. Celltrio’s Systems Engineers are ready to assist if your requirements demand additional components or further optimization for capacity, throughput, or footprint.    



Digital Records


Automating protocols and processes in a BSL-2 enclosure means human operators do not have to interact with cells, reagents, and lab equipment.

Automatic data logging, data import/export, traceability and reporting.

Automated decontamination cycles and easy access for cleaning


Electronic signature management

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant


Security & Access Control

Only authorized personnel can access the system

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RoboCell™ introduces a standard platform for automating cell line development from biobanking, cell culturing, cell harvesting, to assay testing.

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Task Modules >

Task Modules can be mixed and matched to create a seamlessly integrated solution.

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