Cell Line Automation
Modular Cell Culturing Solutions

Celltrio Automates Highly labor Intensive Processes by Providing Modular Cell Culturing Solutions.

Celltrio has a proven family of cell culturing task modules that can be automated by adding a Celltrio robot or combined into a complete solution to fully automate your cell culturing process. 


Removes contamination sources from laboratory workers


Human errors can add weeks or months to the discovery process.

24/7 Operations

Scientists and technicians are freed to work on research, analysis, and process design

Stability & Consistency

Insures accurate and consistent timing for processing steps that varies with human operator


Modularly integrated cell culture systems

Automated Cell Culturing Systems

Task Modules

Integrable or
stand-alone task modules


We are experts in bringing industrial-quality automation to Life Sciences. Email us to start a discussion. 


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