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RoboCell™ - The Cell Line Automation Platform
Automated Cell Line Solutions begin with 2D and 3D cell culturing, passaging, and imaging tasks and expand to full harvesting and cryogenic storage in one fully automated end-to-end system. The RoboCell™ Platform provides a standard layout and footprint that is optimized for protocols from a variety of customers. Celltrio’s Systems Engineers are ready to assist if your requirements demand additional components or further optimization for capacity, throughput, or footprint.

RoboCell™ introduces a standard option for automating cell culturing. It is capable of handling

T-flasks and micro-plates and include a single operator interface, scheduling, incubation, imaging for cell counting and confluence, a media refrigerator, peristaltic pumps, new lab ware stocking, and Celltrio’s liquid handler which includes passaging, detaching, plating, and Air Displacement Pipetting for micropipettes and serological tubes.

RoboCell™, operating unattended and in a BSL-2 processing environment, removes contamination sources from lab workers and eliminates human errors. RoboCell™ improves the cell culturing process while completely adapting to the laboratory process and protocols. It increases throughput and efficiency with our multi-tasking features and remote input from scientists and technicians. This frees scientists and technicians from highly labor-intensive processes so they may focus more on research, analysis, and process design.


Scalability for Growth

Existing Celltrio solutions easily adapt to dynamic cell line development needs by simply adding task modules



Innovative task modules with advanced multitasking use existing laboratory space more efficiently



Multitasking maximizes throughput and capacity while automation reduces human errors that can delay the discovery process



Seamless integration of standard task modules reduces cost and time to achieve cell development goals


Clean - Safe

Automating protocols and processes in a BSL-2 enclosure limits the exposure to, and reduces the introduction of contamination

Automated Task Modules

The RoboCell™ Automation Platform is built on Celltrio's innovative, standard task modules which provide the flexibility and scalability to seamlessly integrate all cell line development processes into one solution.

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