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SkyView C3®

Powerful Workflow and Sample Management Platform

SkyView C3® is designed and developed in-house with the latest user experience design techniques, high-tech software tools, and libraries, and Celltrio's modular philosophy to provide one of the industry's most powerful workflow and sample management platforms.

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Workflow Management

Advanced automation and multitasking features can be easily setup, scheduled, and run for multiple users and multiple processes at the same time.

Audit Trail

Real-time and historical tracking of process steps, user actions, sensor data, and system events such as changes, errors, and warnings.

Sample Management

The Inventory Management System secures access to stored samples via user-defined authorization levels and accurately manages all interactions with samples in the system.


Advanced scheduling and multitasking increase throughput and capacity with an intuitive, graphical interface for easy navigation.

SkyView C3® Task Modules

  • RoboCell™

  • RoboReader™ Cell Counting, Confluence, and Viability

  • Robo-LH™ Liquid Handler

  • Robo-I™ Incubator

  • Robo-C™ Centrifuge

  • Robo-IMS™ Inventory Management System

  • Robo-VH™ Vial Handler

  • Robo-Freezer™ Cryogenic Freezer Control

  • Robo-Motion™

  • Robo-LMS™ Line Management System

  • Robo-Clean™ Autoclave Cleaning Control

  • Robo-Humidity™ Active Humidity Control

All Task Modules interface directly with SkyView C3® or Green Button Go™ scheduler software.

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