Modular Cell Culturing Solutions : 

Automated Modular Cell Culture Systems for Drug Discovery and Research


Celltrio's RoboCell™️ automates the manual cell culturing processes by utilizing the power of modularity. RoboCell™️ is an automated system optimized for cost, footprint, and scalability for growth in drug discovery and research solutions.


RoboCell™️ , operating unattended and in aseptic processing environment, removes contamination sources from lab workers and eliminate human errors. RoboCell™️ improves the cell culturing process while completely adapting to the laboratory process and protocols. It increases throughput and efficiency with our multi-tasking features and remote input from scientists and technicians. This enables scientists and technicians to free from high-labor intensive processes, but focus more on research, analysis and process design.

All processing steps are ensured to undergo in an accurate and consistent timing according to centralized scheduling software (SkyView C3™️ / GBG™️). This reproducibility leads to more stable cultures with optimum quality. 

Celltrio's RoboCell-H™️ is a system that adds a harvesting process to RoboCell™️ that automates a culturing process only. RoboCell-H™️ automates a culturing and harvesting process by integrating with multiple task modules. RoboCell™️ is available with different options. Please discover more options below.



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