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Robot Automated Cryo-Freezer Solutions :
SkyView C3™️

Familiar and Easy to Use Software, SkyView C3™️

SkyView C3™️ is designed and developed in-house with the latest technology and libraries. Both RoboStor™️ and manual cryogenic freezers are easily expandable to multi-freezer configurations under Celltrio Skyview C3™️ software control.


Can monitor the status of one or multiple freezers for temperature, LN2 level, LN2 usage, alarm status, operation status and much more. 

Sample Security

User-defined access levels restrict access to stored samples to authorized users. Can accurately manage samples with the Inventory Management System (IMS). 

Audit Trail

Able to track system events such as changes, errors, and warnings and related activities like screen touches.


Intuitive and powerful graphical user interface allows the users to operate without training.

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